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Moms Know Best!

Amanda, Angela and Everetta are all working moms, each with two kids. We know how to manage a family during hectic times. We know how to move and get organized. And we know that moving can be stressful. We started this business because we want to ease that process for you! We care about helping your move be easier to organize, more convenient, and a lot less stressful – all while following a business model that is sustainable for the environment!

We founded Totally Crate! in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the Fall of 2023, hoping to assist you, our friends and neighbors in this tight-knit community, by making your move more manageable. We want our business to become an essential partner within the community and we will do our part to give back whenever possible.

Mom's Know Best - Mom and Baby

Why we’re Totally Crate!

We care about your move.

We know moving can be stressful but we make it easy. Our color-coding system simplifies organization during your move.

We care about your stuff.

We understand your valuables are precious, and we ensure their safety in our secure crates.

We care about our community.

We collaborate with local charities and organizations to benefit Albuquerque and its community through Totally Crate!

We care about the environment.

Apart from our reusable crates reducing cardboard waste, we also provide plate and dish packing kits and an eco-friendly bubble wrap alternative. Additionally, we minimize water usage and use eco-friendly cleansers for crate cleaning.

We care about inclusion.

We offer packages for all: students, seniors, teachers, families downsizing, and offices relocating. We also have customizable options for specific moving needs.

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Totally Crate Team

Meet Our Team

Darrell Boggs

Darrell Boggs

Retired SVP of CPU Engineering at Nvidia

BS, MS in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Math from BYU

Father to Angela Holt and 6 Other Beautiful Women, Grandfather to 18 Children

Angela Holt

Angela Holt

REALTOR®, Photographer, and Non-Profit Chorus Vice Chair

BA in History with a Minor in Religious Studies from UNM

Mom to 2 Rambunctious Teenagers

Amanda Holt

Amanda Sweetman

Financial Analyst & Accountant Extraordinaire

BA from ENMU, MBA in Finance from CTU

Mom to 2 Gorgeous Girls

Everetta Mora

Everetta Mora

Math Teacher and NMWC Chorus Member

BA in Math Composite with Secondary Licensure and a Minor in Computer Science from ENMU

Mom to 2 Crafty Kiddos

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