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Organizing Your Move One Crate At A Time

Moving? Remodeling? Rent our crates!

Our reusable crates are the perfect alternative to replace traditional cardboard boxes used to move. We deliver our crates to your door and pick them up once you’ve unpacked. In addition to several colors of crates to help you keep organized by room, we include labels to help you keep track of your belongings. We also have a selection of ‘A-La-Crate’ moving and packing supplies to help ease the stress of your move.

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How it Works in Just 4 Easy Steps!

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You order!

Ordering is easy and can be done entirely online.

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We deliver!

Pick a day and time and we’ll bring all your crates to your door.

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You pack and move!

Pack and move all your belongings in our secure, sturdy crates.

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We pick up!

We’ll come grab all the totes and crates when you’re done.

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Not Just for Moving

You don’t have to be moving to use our reusable crates, either. They’re great for temporary storage while you remodel, declutter, hold a yard sale, or even rearrange rooms of your home! Teachers can use them to move their classrooms, and businesses can use them to move, too. Save yourself the hassle of having to hunt down cardboard boxes, or worse, paying for something you’ll use only a couple of times before they end up in a landfill somewhere.

Check out the packages we’ve thoughtfully put together to give you the most cubic footage of storage space for the smallest possible price.

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Start simplifying your move today!

Let’s unpack some of the benefits of our crates versus only cardboard boxes.

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Cardboard is the perfect home for bacteria and bugs and gets soggy and unusable when wet. Plastic can be sanitized and is waterproof, protecting your belongings from water damage and contamination.

Visually sort as you pack by using different colored crates! For your home, you can organize your contents by room, or each individual can choose a color for their belongings. This makes it totes convenient to separate crates into the right places in your new home. (As moms, we know it’s important to get your kids settled quickly and our kids would have strong opinions on which color their room’s crates would be.) Color-coding makes it easy to find and unpack belongings quickly!

Hunting for free cardboard boxes requires a lot of time. Buying boxes means a trip to the store and lugging box bundles home, then you have to assemble and tape the boxes. Our crates are delivered straight to your door at a time of your choosing and are ready to go from the first minute.

Our crates are designed to be nested on top of each other, so they are perfect for stacking and making the optimal use of your moving truck or storage space. They won’t crumple under the weight of themselves like cardboard does.

Crates can be used over and over, whereas cardboard boxes are often thrown away after a single use. estimates that more than 900 million pounds of cardboard end up in landfills each year just from people moving. Our crates are made from recycled materials.

No need to fold and tape a crate before you pack it. It comes ready to fill and cannot be bent, dented or crumpled.

The durable, high-quality plastic of our crates ensures your belongings stay safe, dry, and protected. Plus the crates can be secured with zip ties, hook & loop cable ties, or even string to ensure your goods remain in the crate throughout the entire move.

We hope you agree that our crates are a sustainable, convenient aide to moving!

Renting Plastic Crates vs. Buying Cardboard Boxes

Here’s how our 2-Bedroom Home Package stacks up to some of our local competitors’ packages with similar cubic feet of storage.

2 Bedroom PackagesTotally Crate!U-Haul*Lowes*(4 Bed)**Home Depot*
Number of boxes66504847
Cubic foot storage space132.8132.5135.9135
Price per cubic foot of space$1.81$1.98$1.97$2.52

*Totally Crate!’s package price includes tax. A 7.63% sales tax was added to the price of the packages for U-Haul, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. Prices were rounded to the next whole dollar amount.
**The 4 bedroom package from Lowe’s was the closest equivalent to the 2 bedroom packages from the other companies.

Is this great or what? Yes, it’s Totally Crate!

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