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Nine Fun Moving Games!

Angela Holt


Turn Your Move Into a Fun Game Day!

Let’s shake up the packing routine with laughter and games today! Totally Crate! is here to add a twist of fun to your moving day with nine entertaining games. Get your crates ready for some lighthearted competition and joyous teamwork!

  1. Crate Relay Race: Challenge your family or friends to a packing relay! Who can fill their crate the fastest with designated items? Ready, set, pack!
  2. Memory Box: Pack a crate with various small items, then take turns recalling what’s inside. The perfect game to jog your memory and have a laugh!
  3. Crate Puzzle Challenge: Assign a set of items to each participant and turn packing into a puzzle! Who can fit their items into the crate most efficiently and neatly? The winner earns the title of Packing Master!
  4. Packing Playlist Pro: Create the ultimate packing playlist and have a dance-off while filling your crates. Whoever has the best moves while packing gets to be the DJ!
  5. Box Fort Bonanza: Take a break and build a fort with your empty crates. The most imaginative fortress earns its architect bragging rights!
  6. Guess the Weight: Before closing up a crate, have everyone guess its weight. The closest guess without going over gets to pick the next snack break treat!
  7. Treasure Hunt: Hide a small “treasure” in one of the packed crates. Write down which one it’s in and have a treasure hunt while unpacking at your new place!
  8. Crate Cornhole: Set up an empty crate as a target and toss small, soft items to land inside. Each successful toss scores points. Aim, toss, and score your way to victory!
  9. Unpacking Race: Set a timer and see who can unpack their crate and put everything away the quickest. Fastest time wins a special reward!

Bonus Fun – Crateful Karaoke: While unpacking, pick an item and sing a song that it reminds you of. The more off-key, the better!

With these nine playful moving games, your transition will be filled with giggles and shared moments. Embrace the fun spirit and make your move a memorable and joyful event!

Happy Moving and Joyful Gaming, Crate Crusaders!

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