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Seven Tips for Packing!

Angela Holt


Totally Crate! is here to help you with some magic packing tips! No more squished teddy bears or chipped dishes. Let’s dive into our seven expert packing tips to keep your belongings safe and organized in our eco-friendly crates!

  1. One-Item Wonder: Each item deserves its VIP spot! Pack items individually with care and cushioning. This avoids scratches and ensures each item gets the spotlight it deserves!
  2. Label Love: Embrace the label maker! Clearly label each crate for a no-stress unpacking experience. Knowing where everything is means more time for holiday cheer!
  3. Bubble Wrap Boogie: While we say “yes” to eco-friendly, sometimes a little bubble wrap dance for your most delicate items is the way to go. Or give our special alternative honeycomb packing paper a try! Remember, recycle or opt for biodegradable options!
  4. Tetris Time: Packing is like a game of Tetris. Arrange items strategically to maximize space and minimize movement. Stack ’em right, and you’re in for a smooth ride!
  5. Soften the Blow: Cushion with care! Use towels, blankets, clothing, or eco-friendly padding to protect your items. It’s like giving them a cozy hug inside the crate!
  6. Sealing Success: Ensure each crate is securely closed and sealed. Our durable crates come ready to be securely sealed with zip-ties or string. We even have reusable zip-ties for better sustainability!
  7. Weight Watcher: Keep it light! Distribute weight evenly across crates and avoid overpacking. Your back will thank you!

Bonus Tip – Snap a Pic: Before you close that crate, snap a picture of the contents. It’ll be your quick reference when you’re setting up your new home!

Packing might not be the most glamorous part of moving, but with Totally Crate!, it’s all about making it a fun, secure, and eco-friendly experience. So, let’s pack up those baubles, secure those treasures, and move forward into a fabulous and organized moving experience!

Happy Packing and Joyful Moving, Craters!

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